How do I register to vote?

With two elections coming up in the Chatham and Aylesford area – both the General Election on the 8th of June and for those of you living outside Medway in our constituency there are the upcoming Kent County Council elections coming up on the 4th of May you might be wondering “How do I register?

The simplest way is to do it online here:

The closing date for the General Election is May 22nd, it’s best to get registered before then, though!

Don’t forget to check out our fantastic KCC candidates Lola and Wayne, if you really support them, consider adding a sticker to your Facebook or Twitter profile!

Kent Labour Manifesto 2017

You can check out the Kent Labour Manifesto 2017 here:

There’s some excellent stuff on growing Kent’s economy, making sure disadvantaged pupils in schools don’t get left behind, tackling the lack of investment in Kent’s transport¬†infrastructure and generally giving the area a sense of direction that has been sorely lacking under the Tories.

Our excellent KCC candidates from the Chatham and Aylesford constituency Wayne and Lola are standing on this manifesto so be sure to check it out!