Polls are in! Thank you everybody!

The polls are now finally in. In Chatham and Aylesford, under Vince we were able to increase our share of the vote by around 50%, to over 15,000. While this wasn’t enough to secure the seat for our candidate, we should be proud that all of our hard work resulted in a substantial increase in support – especially given the extremely short notice and the timeframe this snap election was called over, when only a month before Prime Minister Theresa May vowed not to hold an election. We are very proud of Vince’s hard work and the excellent way he was able to forward the Labour message be it online, on the doorstep or at hustings.

Nationally, we performed far better than the pundits expected. The party made substantial gains from the Conservatives; particularly in Canterbury where we took a seat that has been with the Tories for over 90 years. Locally we must learn from our friends and colleagues who were able to make these amazing gains in seats across the nation.

This is not the end of the road, but the beginning – with this snap general election we will take this experience on board, keep building and never give up on building a better, fairer society. Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication.


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